XPRIZE: Water Abundance

Pleased to announce that after this one year competition the field has been narrowed down from 98 teams from 27 countries and our team, the Skysource/ Skywater Alliance is now one of (4) finalist in the Water Abundance XPRIZE. This 1.5 Million Dollar prize goes to the team that can make over 2,000 liters/ day at less than 2 cents/ liter using 100% renewable energy. Next week is our final testing run!


Thank you, Heal The Bay!

Thank you Heal The Bay for an amazing night of fundraising, great friends and good vibes! We had a blast serving our herb & citrus infused water (thanks to our friends at LA Urban Farms) and are so grateful for being part of such an important cause.



Day Zero is Approaching in Cape Town

 Aerial image of Cape Town's receding reservoir (https://www.popsci.com/water-crisis-cape-town-world.  NASA Earth Observatory

Aerial image of Cape Town's receding reservoir (https://www.popsci.com/water-crisis-cape-town-world. NASA Earth Observatory

Day Zero, the day when Cape Town will run out of water, has been postponed to 2019, but the three year drought is still in full force. Need for an alternative water source is paramount in Cape Town, and they are not the only region facing this crisis. Follow the development of the response to this situation here, in an article py Popular Science, and check out a short video on our Facebook page explaining how the water crisis in Cape Town began.

Malibu Times Magazine Interviews Skysource's David Hertz

Malibu Times Magazine Interviews Skysource's David Hertz

We are so honored to be a part of the Malibu Time's feature story about the 747 Wing House "Winging It" where they interview Skysource's David Hertz about his innovative and restorative architecture, with a glimpse into his world of growing up in Malibu. Read the full article here.


The Water Crisis in India

India is in the midst of a severe water shortage.

"Over the past 50 years, policies have allowed what amounts to a free-for-all in groundwater development and as the crisis has grown it has been met with continued neglect, mismanagement and overall indifference" (John Hawthorne).

The best way to take steps towards fixing the problem is to be informed. Check out this article by John Hawthorne to better understand how water scarcity is affecting India.