When Water Becomes Gold: The New Alchemy -- David Hertz co-teaching workshop at Esalen Institute, Dec 9-11

David Hertz will be speaking at the Esalen Institute on December 9 - 11 and co-teaching the workshop When Water Becomes Gold: The New Alchemy.  Click Here to learn more about the weekend and to reserve your space.

Esalen Institute is blessed by three powerful waters: the Pacific Ocean, the healing hot springs, and the freshwater creek that flows through the property. These sacred waters have offered people a place to heal and nourish themselves for thousands of years.

However, taking this precious commodity for granted as a limitless resource is increasingly risky as we face hundred-year-drought conditions, which a temporary El Niño deluge will not solve – our thousands of years old aquifers are increasingly depleted.

Co-led by local Big Sur water-innovators and Amory Lovins, one of the world’s leading authorities in energy policy, this workshop explores an array of possible solutions, including growing our vegetables and cooking herbs via hydroponics with up to 90% water savings; fish cultivation through aquaponics; drinking water extraction via the atmosphere; and the latest in waste water recapture technology. All of these methods preserve clean water, our “New Gold.”

Our visit to a local model farm will include a special luncheon to sample “farm to table” fresh organically grown food combined with top rated California wine pairings. The faculty will include experts in each of the subjects described above as we explore and adopt new methods of preserving our most precious asset.

Skywater at Open Temple in Venice, CA

David Hertz introduces the new Skywater unit at the Open Temple in Venice, California.  The machine will be making fresh drinking water as well as supply water for the temple's aeroponic garden.  

David Hertz will be presenting at the SBC's #SoilTotallyROCKS Reception & Trailblazer Talks Nov 30, 6:30 pm

On Wednesday, November 30th David Hertz will be presenting at the SBC's #SoilTotallyROCKS Reception & Trailblazer Talks.  Join us as David Hertz and other trailblazers share their unique perspectives on the business of soil and how it relates to sustainable agriculture practices, urban farming and gardens and other soil related products and services focused on combatting climate change.



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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


The Volkswagen Santa Monica Showroom
2440 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Parking at and around Volkswagen Santa Monica Showroom


$30-Benefits the Sustainable Business Council!

Go Campaign Gala

We're thrilled to be part of the Go Campaign's Go Water Initiative!  We look forward to working with the Go Campaign to help communities around the world.

Join us at Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator tomorrow! Innovate X Water

Join David Hertz and other luminaries in the sustainability movement who are working together to build a sustainable future at the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator in Downtown Los Angeles.  Mr Hertz will be on the first panel of the morning discussing how 'Clean Tech is Revolutionizing the Water World.'  We hope to see you there!