About Skysource


It all started when...

At an early age, David Hertz became interested in architecture and the balance between the human world and the natural world.  Hertz's passion for surfing attuned him to the environmental issues, and during his education at SCI-ARC (The Southern California Institute of Architecture) he continued to focus on ecological design.  With an eye on radical re-use, Hertz developed Syndecrete, a concrete that recycles waste products, and led the push for green architecture, making incredibly sustainable buildings using unconventional materials such as industrial refrigeration panels and even a de-commissioned Boeing 747 airplane. 

When David Hertz and his wife Laura met the inventors of the Skywater machines, they knew that this would be an incredible opportunity to change the relationship that we have with water, making safer and more reliable for people around the world.

Together, we can make a difference.

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