David is an architect, inventor, educator and founder of Studio Of Environmental Architecture. He is known for his work in sustainable architecture and as an early innovator in the development of recycled building materials. David’s passion for surfing attuned him to the environmental issues and during his education at The Southern California Institute of Architecture he continued to focus on ecological design. David led the push for green architecture, making sustainable buildings using unconventional materials such as industrial refrigeration panels and even a de-commissioned Boeing 747 airplane. David is a board member of Santa Monica's Task Force on The Environment and serves on the Board of Directors of Heal The Bay.


Laura is a commercial photographer and native Californian. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent most of her childhood outdoors by the water; at the beach, sailing, writing poetry and taking photographs with her sister. As a daughter of a commercial airline pilot and a wildly creative mother, Laura's lifelong passion for photography is the product of her traveling adventures around the world, discovering the visual beauty and intrigue of foreign lands, cultures, and customs. Laura serves on the Board of Directors of The Bay Foundation and Community Healing Gardens.

More about David: www.davidhertzfaia.com


More about Laura: www.lauradoss.com