Each Skywater model can produce enough fresh water for a household use, agriculture or emergency relief efforts. Our machines are more efficient than any other methods of moisture extraction or filtration. Skywater machines are ranging from Skywater 30 to Skywater 300 with an optimal output of 30, 75, 150 and 300 gallons of fresh water a day.

*Water output is dependent on environmental factors such as relative humidity and temperature

Additional Technical information

  • Power Supply: 220/50-60Hz/Single or 380/50-60Hz/3 Phase
  • Refrigerant: R 407C
  • Working Conditions require the following
    • Temperature Range of 65°F - 105°F
    • Relative Humidity Range of 40% - 99%

Skywater machines use a patented Adiabatic Distillation Process, where water vapor is reduced to liquid without a gain or loss of heat. Refrigeration techniques maintain a dew point within a condensation chamber, which will maximize water production from the existing atmospheric condition. The higher the humidity and temperature, the more water can be produced. After condensation, the water is filtered and treated with ozone to enhance its taste and prevent potentially hazardous micro-organisms from forming and the water can be used or stored for future use. 

For ordering, pricing and more information, contact us at inquiries@skysource.org